Joshua Adejoh Ascends The Heights Of The Capital

June 18, 2023

Chess Heights Abuja Monthly – June Edition

Final Ranking:

The Chess Height Abuja tournament was a glorious occasion, marking the first time that a FIDE-rated Rapid tournament had been held in the capital city of Nigeria since the pandemic. The tournament was hosted by the Zalika Chess Club and featured over 35 strong players, including under 12s who were eager to improve their ratings. 

The competition was fierce, with the top three players all finishing with a near-perfect score. The victor was Joshua Adejoh, a seasoned player who is quickly rising through the ranks of Nigerian chess. @~Joshua  played some brilliant chess, winning five of his games and drawing the other.

In second place was Mustapha Othman, an active player who has won medals at several National events. @+234 813 486 6787 played some solid chess, scoring five wins and losing a single game.

In third place was Femi Iyanda, a veteran player who is still a force to be reckoned with. @~Femi iyanda scored five wins and lost a single game, playing some exciting chess that thrilled the spectators.

The other players also played well, and they should be proud of their accomplishments. Meanwhile, the performance of the young players and kids at the Chess Height Abuja tournament was quite commendable. All players were impressed by their performance and their dedication to the game. We are confident that they will continue to grow and develop as chess players, and we look forward to seeing them compete in future tournaments.

The Chess Height Abuja tournament was a great success. It was a well-organized event that attracted some of the best players in Northcentral of Nigeria. This rated tournament is scheduled to continue monthly following a 50% 30% 20% sharing formula for the winners. The tournament was a great opportunity for players to improve their ratings and gain experience playing against strong competition.

The tournament was also a great opportunity for the Zalika Chess Club to showcase their mission and promote chess in Abuja. The club is committed to developing chess in Nigeria and they are planning to host more FIDE-rated tournaments in the future.

The chessboard is indeed a battlefield, and the players were generals. They moved their pieces with precision and strategy, each vying for victory. The tension was palpable as the players fought for every inch of the board.

In the end, it was Joshua Adejoh who emerged victorious. He had played the best chess of his life, and he had earned his place as the champion. His victory was a testament to his hard work and dedication, and it was a sign of great things to come.