Isaac Okeke Stops Joshua Adejoh to Rule in the Capital

August 24, 2023

There is no life without action. There must be some sort of action for there to be an inkling of life. Definitely, there is plenty of life in chess, in Nigerian chess, in Abuja chess. With gratitude to God, Samuel Ojikutu and team, Chess Heights Abuja Monthly held for the second time this year on August 5 at the chess famous Zalikha Gardens, Area 2. 

There were many stars in attendance with legitimate aspiration for the coveted champion spot. They included Toluwanimi Okemakinde, Joshua Adejoh, Isaac Okeke, Yinalanah Mandu, Ikechukwu Osadebe, Femi Iyanda, and Ikechukwu Ezeanya. At the start, every aspirant was tense and hopeful.

In round one all the mentioned contenders won. There was not even a draw in the whole event. Femi Iyanda beat Shola Okunade, Ikechukwu Osadebe beat Sanusy Onoja, Ikechukwu Ezeanya beat Promise Tyowase, Yinalanah Mandu beat Collins Tyowase, Joshua Adejoh beat Sadiq Ahmad, Toluwanimi Okemakinde defeated Kenneth Biu-Nelson, Isaac Okeke defeated Jafar Ajibola, in a round without upsets.

Round two saw a draw between Femi Iyand and Anthony Ogor. Ikechukwu Ezeanya beat Farouk Umar and Tolu Okemakinde beat Irikefe Pureheart. In the clashes of contenders, Joshua Adejoh beat Ikechukwu Osadebe while Isaac Okeke defeated Yinalanah Mandu. Pretenders were gradually being separated from contenders.

Round three saw an upset win by Ikechukwu Ezeanya against national star Tolu Okemakinde on board 1. Joshua Adejoh and Isaac Okeke both won to keep in touch with tournament leader Ezeanya.

Round four marked the start of the closing half of the event. It was in this round that Isaac Okeke showed intent by beating Ikechukwu Ezeanya, while Joshua Adejoh kept pace with a black victory over Yinalanah Mandu.

Round five is usually the most tense round in Chess heights Monthly. Here prize winners are decided or rather prize winning chances are decided. Key story is that Isaac Okeke became undisputed leader with a victory over Joshua Adejoh. Ikechukwu Ezeanya was tied second with Adejoh with a victore over Collins Tyowase while Okemakinde kept pace with a victory over Anthony Ogor. 

In the final round, Isaac needed just a draw with Ikechukwu Osadebe to win the event. Joshua Adejoh beat Ezeanya to come second and Okemakinde beat Iyanda to come third.

Chess Heights Abuja Monthly has become an exciting event for those in the capital city. Joshua Adejoh won it previously but could not stop the international master Isaac Okeke from a grand victory. There promises to be more chess life in Abuja subsequently.