The Triumph of Nzubechi Abaraocha at Anambra

July 12, 2023

On a sunny Saturday, July 1, chess enthusiasts gathered at the Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium on Awka Road in Onitsha, Anambra for the highly anticipated Chess Heights Anambra Monthly tournament. The event showcased the exceptional talent of seven skilled chess players, including two participants with official FIDE IDs. With intense battles and strategic maneuvers, the tournament proved to be a thrilling experience for both players and spectators alike.

Nzubechi Abaraocha Dominates the Tournament:

As the games commenced, it quickly became evident that one player was a cut above the rest. Nzubechi Abaraocha showcased his exceptional skills by winning an impressive four out of five rounds. His tournament journey started with a bye in the first round, but he didn’t let this deter him. With sheer determination and a strategic mindset, Abaraocha maneuvered his pieces with precision, outsmarting his opponents at every turn. His stellar performance culminated in a perfect score of 5 points, crowning him the undisputed champion of the Chess Heights Anambra Monthly July 2023.

Raphael Orjiekwe Claims Second Place:

While Abaraocha’s dominance was unquestionable, the battle for the remaining top positions was fiercely contested. Raphael Orjiekwe emerged as the runner-up, securing an impressive 4 points throughout the tournament. With a combination of well-calculated moves and a deep understanding of the game, Orjiekwe showcased his resilience and determination. His consistent performance was commendable and worthy of recognition.

Chima Edeh Secures Third Place:

Among the participants, Chima Edeh emerged as a formidable contender, securing the third-place position with 3 points. Edeh displayed an exceptional ability to think several moves ahead and adapt to the evolving dynamics of each game. His strategic choices and tactical brilliance allowed him to overcome challenging opponents, solidifying his place on the tournament leaderboard.

A Platform for Chess Enthusiasts:

The Chess Heights Anambra Monthly July 2023 tournament provided an invaluable platform for participants to showcase their chess prowess and engage in friendly competition. The event not only served as a battleground for talented players but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among chess enthusiasts.

Looking Ahead:

With the success of the Chess Heights Anambra Monthly July 2023 edition, anticipation is high for the upcoming tournament scheduled for Saturday, August 5, 2023. Chess aficionados and aspiring players eagerly await the chance to once again test their skills, learn from each other, and push the boundaries of their abilities. This monthly event continues to promote the growth of chess in Anambra by providing a platform for players to develop their talents and engage in healthy competition.


The Chess Heights Anambra Monthly July 2023 tournament showcased the immense talent and strategic brilliance of the participating chess players. From Nzubechi Abaraocha’s dominant performance to Raphael Orjiekwe’s impressive second-place finish, and Chima Edeh’s commendable third-place achievement, each player contributed to the thrilling atmosphere of the competition. The event was a testament to the growing chess community in Anambra, and its success sets the stage for future tournaments that promise to be equally engaging and competitive.